Ideas Work


I provide the following services:

academic coaching:

I help people to excel in academia. I am an excellent researcher and can support you in your Masters or PhD process. I am also a tutor and seminar leader and provide guidance to under-grads on how to succeed at University.

career coaching:

I support people at various stages of their career journeys. I work with experienced professionals, supporting them in career transitions or the job-seeking process. I provide career guidance to students who are graduating, helping them start their careers proactively and successfully. I also help prospective students make decisions around whether or not to study, what to study and how.

writing and editing:

I write and edit. I edit documents you’ve written and prepare your texts for submission. I also teach students to write more clearly and to answer academic questions more effectively, this improves exam and coursework performance.

Are you:

  • Considering studying and wanting helping making the decision?
  • Struggling to finish your thesis or dissertation?
  • Studying part-time and unclear on what is expected of you or how to do the work?
  • Wanting guidance on career decisions, related to studying further or CV-development?

I can help.



Trisha Lord – Partner at Braveheart

Adam brings a passion for life-long learning to his work in the Thinking Environment. His love for and ability to connect deeply with people makes him a wonderful Thinking Partner. As a human being, Adam understands deeply the challenges we face in being authentic and vulnerable, and he brings his own ability to be deeply human and real to his work, which, I think, makes him a profoundly good coach and thinking partner.

David Fair – Regional Manager at Harambee

Adam is a strong facilitator able to connect well with his audience and intuitively understand the complex dynamics of the room. He has an evident passion for developing the skills and potential of others.

Glenda Methven – Director at LearnAbility

Adam attended both the accredited Assessor and Train the Trainer courses with me at LearnAbility in Cape Town. His portfolios of evidence were of a very high quality. He was a pleasure to have in class and he made valuable contributions to our discussions. It was clear that he has a passion for people development and is dedicated and conscientious.

Brent Davidoff – Trainer at PWC

It was a pleasure working with Adam. He connects deeply with his audience and creates an environment where people feel comfortable to engage and participate. Adam interacts with others with a high degree of emotional intelligence and authenticity.

Private Client for Career Coaching

Adam is amazing to work with. He’s insightful and has a wealth of information regarding the practicalities of recruitment and job searching. His profound ability to listen and the space he gave me to think out loud were priceless. He expertly guided me through the process of CV and cover letter writing, and helped me prepare for job interviews. Adam’s input and encouragement along the way were, I believe, vital to me making a career change.