“Healing does not take place in the fast lane”
– Angeles Arrien

About me

About My Coaching:

My interest in coaching started while finishing my Master’s degree. I realised that the primary obstacle to my finishing was my own fear and self-doubt. I saw that that was true for many of my colleagues; they struggled to believe they were capable of finishing their Masters or PhD theses and often that belief would stop them from finishing.

As a coach I offer a space, for thinking and for feeling. Using the Thinking Environment, I listen, deeply. In the Thinking Environment clients often feel smarter. This coaching style is ideal for supporting people through the difficulties of academic post-graduate work.

I am a Certified Coach. I have been trained in the Time to Think Coaching Methodology. I have also been involved in my own personal development for 14 years. During this time I’ve worked with various methodologies and approaches, including: Non-Violent Communication, the 12-steps, the Man Kind Project, the Landmark Forum and therapy (both group and individual).

About Me:

I use a balance of EQ and IQ in my work to support both your head and your heart. My clients benefit from a blend of my intelligence, creativity and my ability to understand their specific needs and requirements.

I’ve worked in a variety of roles (such as market researcher, academic researcher, lecturer, financial strategist, journalist, work-readiness trainer, editor, addictions counselor and English teacher), this has given me a broad base of knowledge and an ability to learn very quickly.

I was born in Scotland, grew up in Malawi and educated in South Africa. I lived in Munich, Germany for a year, after which I returned to Cape Town. I speak English and French, and I am learning isiXhosa. I have a beautiful, smart little boy called Sam. He keeps me honest and makes me laugh.