“It is no great thing to be better than some other man, but it is truly great to be better than a former version of yourself.”
Jigoro Kano

Career Coaching

As I finished off my Masters in Sociology, with a head full of theory and a heart full of hope, I had very little understanding of the working world, what career I wanted or even how to write my CV.

As a result of this uncertainty I have done extensive work in this space. I have worked as a career coach and work-readiness trainer. I have also worked with numerous career coaches. I work with young graduates starting their careers, as well experienced professionals. I draw on my personal and professional experiences to help you develop the career that you really want.

Job Seeker's Starter Pack

The Job-Seeker’s Starter-Pack is designed to give you job-seeking skills in a neat, clear way. It will set you up to land the job that you really want. You pay a discounted rate for 6 Sessions, covering the essentials of job-seeking. The 6 Sessions can be done very quickly, over the course of a week, or spread out over a few weeks or months, depending on your needs.

What you get:

  • New knowledge on where and how to find the job you want
  • A clear plan of action
  • CV writing and interview skills

What we do in the 6 Sessions:

  • 2 Sessions on the latest trends in HR and employment
  • 2 Sessions on your own career path and what you want to do
  • 2 Sessions on how to write a CV and market your skills

Cost: R3500

Each session lasts roughly 75 minutes.

Additional sessions can be purchased at the discounted rate of R500.
Programs are adapted to your specific situation and your needs.

Deciding What or How to Study

Making the decision to study can be an exciting, confusing, overwhelming, interesting and complicated process. I am able to help you think through what it is you really want out of your studies, and how best to get that. During this process you will become clear on whether or not studying will support you in reaching your particular goals.

I have been involved with Universities, Career Development and Job-Seeking for over a decade.  This coaching process is designed to help you make a really informed decision. You will leave with a clear understanding of what you can expect from different courses or degree programs.

Starting your Career after Graduation

Finishing your degree can be exciting and terrifying time. I am able to help you understand the working world and what exactly it is you want to do once you have finished studying. My coaching is a mixture of professional knowledge and my own experiences as someone who graduated with a Humanities degree and spent the next 5 years wandering the open expense of adult employment.

We will explore the differences between what you’re good at, what you want to do and what people will pay you for. I can help you figure out what next step you want to take, and how to market yourself to employers.