“I didn’t have time to write a short letter,
so I wrote a long one instead.”
– Mark Twain

Writing and Editing

I work with words. I offer the following services:

I Write and Edit for you:

I edit existing texts (such as your dissertation or a class) essay. I am an excellent editor, and can help you prepare your documents for submission. I have a clear understanding of the requirements of academic writing.

I also help to write new texts to support your studies. My writing is clear and error free. I will convey your ideas simply and coherently.

I Teach you to Write more Clearly:

I provide guidance on what makes for excellent writing and how to write for an academic audience. I teach students how to understand the essay (or exam) question and accurately answer that question.

I have extensive experience as a writer and as an editor. I have written for a diverse range of audiences across multiple topics. I am able to write, edit and finalise documents. I have written and published in academic journals, as a news journalist, as a government researcher, for market research and for legal documents.